Two Penny Blue


3738 North Southport Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60613


Two Penny Blue designs jackets and blazers and donates a school uniform to a girl in Africa for every blazer purchase!

Best Known For: Jackets & Blazers Supporting Girls' Education

Ikat Topper Lavender Ikat Topper Lavender
    Sophie Striped Jacket Sophie Striped Jacket
      Baxter Blazer Gray Baxter Blazer Gray
        Hudson Blazer Hudson Blazer
          Edie Topper Edie Topper
            Mint Cambridge Blazer Mint Cambridge Blazer
              Celeste The Vest Celeste The Vest
                Sutton Jacket Black Sutton Jacket Black
                  Margot Striped Jacket Margot Striped Jacket
                    Navy Baxter Blazer Navy Baxter Blazer
                      Cambridge Blazer Flax Cambridge Blazer Flax
                        Jade Cambridge Blazer Jade Cambridge Blazer
                          Coral Ikat Topper Coral Ikat Topper
                            Red Cambridge Blazer Red Cambridge Blazer
                              Vivian Leopard Topper Vivian Leopard Topper
                                Black Parker Blazer Black Parker Blazer
                                  Parker Plaid Blazer Parker Plaid Blazer
                                    Crystal Floret Earrings Crystal Floret Earrings
                                      Smoky Floret Earrings Smoky Floret Earrings
                                        Rose Crystal Earring Rose Crystal Earring
                                          Classic Crystal Earring Classic Crystal Earring
                                            Casa Blanca Earrings
                                              Deco Pyramid Earrings Deco Pyramid Earrings
                                                Marble Crystal Earrings Marble Crystal Earrings
                                                  Rose Deco Earrings Rose Deco Earrings
                                                    Jade Trinity Earrings Jade Trinity Earrings
                                                      L'oiseau Vert Pendant L'oiseau Vert Pendant
                                                        Geometric Link Bracelet
                                                          Antoinette Bracelet Antoinette Bracelet
                                                            Bonbons Bracelet Bonbons Bracelet
                                                              Gatsby Gold Necklace
                                                                Stella Cadente Necklace Stella Cadente Necklace
                                                                  Fraise D'or Necklace Fraise D'or Necklace
                                                                    Mint Julep Necklace Mint Julep Necklace
                                                                      Pâques Pastel Necklace Pâques Pastel Necklace
                                                                        L'etoile Noir Necklace L'etoile Noir Necklace
                                                                          Bourdon Bleu Necklace
                                                                            Versailles Necklace
                                                                              À La Josephine À La Josephine
                                                                                Audrey Jacket Marigold Audrey Jacket Marigold
                                                                                  Coral Audrey Jacket Coral Audrey Jacket