2142 Oxford St, Berkeley, California 94704

(510) 524-0662

"Little luxuries that inspire sharing..."

Best Known For: Accessories; Jewelry; Home/Gift

Boutique Owner: Ingrid Chen

Ombre Spiral Hoops
    Ombre Wrap Hoops
      Gold Starburst Earrings
        Fleurette Earrings
          Turquoise Capri Hoops
            White Bijoux Hoops
              Matte Serpentine Hoops
                Tartan Hoops
                  Mini Peacock Earrings
                    Pearl Scalloped Hoops
                      Hematite Daisy Hoops
                        Pearl Knot Earrings
                          Swarovski Wrap Hoops Swarovski Wrap Hoops
                            Galaxy Hoops Galaxy Hoops
                              Nova 3-Drop Earrings
                                Semiprecious Capri Hoops
                                  Teardrop Double Hoops Teardrop Double Hoops
                                    Bijoux Spiral Hoops
                                      Gold Large Star Hoops
                                        Teardrop Layered Hoops
                                          Gold Bar Threads
                                            Luna Hoops
                                            Luna Hoops
                                              Spiral Teardrop Hoops
                                                Dynasty 2-Tier Earrings
                                                  Silver Wrap Hoops Silver Wrap Hoops
                                                    Gold Wrap Hoops Gold Wrap Hoops
                                                      Heart Pave Posts
                                                        Heart Pave Pendant Heart Pave Pendant
                                                          Pearl Spiral Hoops Pearl Spiral Hoops
                                                            Circle Pave Pendant Circle Pave Pendant
                                                              Circle Pave Posts
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