San Francisco

1311 16th Ave, San Francisco, California 94122

(415) 379-0199

Whistle Boutique offers a beautiful variety of international, fair trade, and unique gifts & home decor from all over the world.

Best Known For: International home decor

Boutique Owner: Katie

Grapefruit Lip Balm
    Earth Paper Pendant
      Geode Pendant Necklace
        Pulp Rock Ring
          Bon Appetit Placecards Bon Appetit Placecards
            Celebration Tray Celebration Tray
              Surfer Platter Surfer Platter
                Petite Dome Candle
                  Cactus Cache Pot Cactus Cache Pot
                    Simple Wrist Cuff
                      Wood Bead Wrist Cuff
                        Indigo Pollen Necklace Indigo Pollen Necklace
                          Indigo Fleur Necklace Indigo Fleur Necklace
                            Cinq Lariat Cinq Lariat
                              Indigo Bracelet
                                Dune Neckcuff
                                  Collar Neckcuff
                                    Twin Cuff
                                    Twin Cuff
                                      Dune Necklace Dune Necklace
                                        Dune Bracelet
                                          Tri Stick Necklace Tri Stick Necklace
                                            Milk Bottle 1/2l Milk Bottle 1/2l
                                              Milk Bottle 1l Milk Bottle 1l
                                                Gelato Cup Indigo Gelato Cup Indigo
                                                  Gelato Cup Sky Gelato Cup Sky
                                                    Jam Jar Jam Jar
                                                    Jam Jar
                                                      Dandelion Hanging Vase Dandelion Hanging Vase
                                                        Dandelion Mini Vase Dandelion Mini Vase