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Beyonce is Back and
Better Than Ever

The queen of pop is back to her usual jaw-dropping performances, and she is just getting started

Shoptiques Beyonce is Back and Better Than Ever

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In case you were unaware, Beyoncé makes somewhere around 80 million dollars a year, withstanding of course the year she had Blue Ivy, in which she only made 40 million. But now, after a presidential inauguration debut and a Super Bowl performance no one will soon forget, the megastar is back on track to her nearly 100 million dollar empire - beginning with a world tour.

It has been four year – count them, FOUR – since Beyoncé’s last world tour, though her recent performances and reactions to critique has proven that she is more than ready. She'll be making a trek through Europe before opening in the States with a show in LA as part of the BET Experience on June 28.

Her world tour will come to a close after 22 performances across the U.S., ending with a final gig in Brooklyn on August 3.

Until then, her American fan base will have to wait in awe from her Super Bowl performance that many speculate cause the New Orleans superdome blackout. But the votes are in and everyone has been are well aware that Beyoncé Knowles is back on the music scene and she isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

From her House of Dereon franchise, her upcoming self-made documentary and to her soon-to-be worldwide performances, Beyoncé is on track to make more this year than ever before, making headlines bigger than her husband's.

And given that she is a woman who fully supports women's right and education on women's issues, we say more power to her. Like so many of the women we profile, looks like having it all is a very real possibility.

Be yourself. Be different.

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