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On Dove's
Real Beauty Sketches

Despite all the notions that might suggest otherwise, humans naturally seek out the beauty in what is before them. Dove proves that you should do the same for yourself, too.

Shoptiques On Dove's Real Beauty Sketches

Beauty has captivated the human eye and affected the human experience from the beginning of days. The Bible itself holds that Adam and Eve's greatest punishment was being "thrown out of the beautiful Garden of Eden." 

Today, beauty reigns supreme. From what makes a great Pinterest board to what makes one actress better or more hirable than another, beauty runs so deep in our cognition that often, we don't realize our decisions are made according to an aesthetic.

And to be fair, beauty is, well, beautiful. It is something to behold, something to admire, something to seek. It registers so deeply in us that certainly there must be something about a flower, the stars, a waterfall that makes us swoon so subconsciously that our lives can quite literally be transformed by the sight.

Yet, what about our own beauty? Certainly there has been no lack of effort on the quest to human "perfection." From what a camera sees to what photoshop creates, human beauty has been so diluted to a standard of symmetrical perfection that we often have to rely on quotes to consistently remind us that imperfection is beautiful, too. 

We look in the mirror and we see our flaws. Frizzy hair, a flat nose, a short chin, chubby cheeks. We hear the words, "You are beautiful" and dismiss them as having come from someone biased. Working with models in the industry, I can assure you that even them, if not most definitely them, do this so often that the next "No" at a booking might literally send them off the edge.

And they wouldn't be the first.

See, the old adage goes that our beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. Isn't it unfortunate then that we are our own beholders? Turns out, Dove thinks so, and has created a campaign that proves it to you. 

In their latest video, Dove features real women explaining their features to a sketch artist who creates an image out of what they perceive. That sketch artist then asks another woman at the shoot to describe the same person, and sketches what an onlooker, albeit a stranger, sees.

As it turns out, the influence of perfection on the consciousness of our perception of beauty only negatively affects our individual self. Dove, if I may say so, just proved that people are ingrained to see the beauty in everything - especially each other.

And on a day after such a tragic incident such as the Boston Marathon explosions, Dove's reminder that people inherently seek beauty reminds us to see the good in ourselves, too.

Watch it here:

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