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Happy Australia Day!

Wishing everyone out in Australia a fabulous holiday - and lots and lots of warm weather fun!

Shoptiques Happy Australia Day!

If you're new to the Shoptiques movement and in  helping us to support emerging designers and entrepreneurs, then you might not know exactly how our team works. For the most part, we're based here in New York City and have seven girls in office from all over the world including Texas, Korea, Italy and more. So when it is Independence Day, Mardi Gras, Cinco de Mayo, Lunar New Year, Ferragosto, or anything else, we're celebrating. 

Then, we have our girl out in Paris, who is a Francophone by birth, but lived in Britain for years. So, of course, when Bastille Day comes around or England's Remembrance Day, we are up in arms celebrating with our French and British friends. 

But don't you begin to think that we don't adore our Australian fans. After all, our engineering team is based in Sydney and they are stoked about Australia Day, which is today!

So, to all of our Australian girl, Happy Australia Day! Apologies that it is on a Saturday and you aren't getting the day off, but even a Saturday spent in an Australia flag bikini sounds amazing to seven women currently dealing with 10 degree weather (Fahrenheit!).

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