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Hayden Panettiere is Picking Out Your Next Jewelry Buy

Do you dish out more cash for celebrity curated fashion pieces, or do their picks make you search for something else entirely?

Shoptiques Hayden Panettiere is Picking Out Your Next Jewelry Buy

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Hayden Panettierre is picking out jewelry duds for you on Kate Bosworth's jewelry site, JewelMint, and the site is betting that her pick will go quick - simply because she picked it. 

Now, Panettierre's dolphin-inspired necklace of choice certainly has a positive push. After all, she chose this specific necklace because, "My passion [is] dolphins and whales and the ocean," she told People in an interview. "If the ocean goes, and these animals go, so will go life on earth. It’s really important and it impacts our lives."

Certainly a feel-good message behind a piece of jewelry is enough to purchase the bling, but I wonder, does Panettierre's love for the ocean beat out other organizational support, at least when it comes to fashion? Looking at a the support backing ocean protection campaigns, their pocket books are probably left for the wanting. And while a few of these organizations have attempted to push out jewelry lines with proceeds heading back towards the cause, nothing beats out Breast Cancer Awareness as the ultimate winner in philanthropy marketing campaigns - and I'm not just talking about in October. 

On the other hand, celebrity inspired goods such as the replicas of Kate Middleton's Prabal Gurung dress have a way of flying off the shelves and making a big, if not brief, splash in ready-to-wear collections found in the closets of women throughout the country. So, ladies, tell me, does a piece of clothing with a celebrity endorsement entice you to purchase the piece more so than without that endorsement? Is this the new branding of the world? Are we too lazy to choose our own style? Does this even have anything to do with being lazy?

For a good cause or not (note: no proceeds are going towards any ocean protection foundation), I like to see what item celebrities pick out, but their endorsement often encourages me to find another piece to add to my own boudoir. Unless it is for BCA - to which even I offer my unabashed support. 

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