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Real Talk: Heroin Chic Spreads Aren't OK

Fashion ads, Kristen Stewart, Rihanna and more make a heroin-night-out look cool. Shouldn't we tell them it isn't?

Shoptiques Real Talk: Heroin Chic Spreads Aren't OK

Remember the days when feminists of the past would scream and yell at magazine spreads for featuring women in bondage, specifically with their mouths covered and hands tied? This, according to many, was a negative image for women the world over, promoting a "hostage situation" as something luxurious, fashionable and cool. 

Then of course, for years, many have been calling out the high-fashion industry on their unreal weight requirements, saying that healthy girls aren't that skinny and that photoshop shouldn't be used to give young girls an impossible ideal. 

In fact, in both of these cases, the movements spurred have resulted in very real conversations about the respective topics. All of which make you wonder, why the heck are we currently OK with all of these heroin chic ads and spreads?

You know, those ads you see where everyone looks like they have been up all night partying and then just walked in to the shoot, put on some insanely expensive clothes and stared into the camera with a death wish? Rihanna has done it. Kristen Stewart won't stop doing it. And if we are seriously concerned about how ads and fashion spreads affect the minds, morals and motives of young women, why don't we collectively say, "Hey, let's stop doing it."

See, I'm a huge supporter of creativity. However, I'm not a huge supporter of when "new" things the creative industry finds creative simply are not so. Let's be real, bondage is simplistic and has been happening for years. Nothing creative there. Studies show that too skinny models really do affect the self-esteem of young women. If you think thats absurd, you must not remember being 13. Claiming clothes only look good on these below-normal-weight women is literally absurd, and not at all creative. And these heroin chic shots? The police have been doing this for years, and they eat donuts for a living. 

As the Native Americans were wise enough to know, "We don't inherit this land from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children." Isn't it time, then, that we start making sure this world is a better place for young women by forcing ourselves to be more creative now, and to stop finding potentially unhealthy and dangerous habits to be sexy, alluring and "fashion forward?" Because, quite simply, they aren't, and our young women should be fully aware of that fact.

As always, be yourself, be different. 


Image: Refinery29

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