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Hurricane Sandy is Here: Are You Prepared?

Be sure to stay away from windows and use your new found free time to catch up with reading, shopping or sleeping!

Shoptiques Hurricane Sandy Preparedness Tips

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As hurricane sandy inches closer to New York City, millions in the area and millions more watching from their TVs at home are prepping for the devastation that may follow. 

Like with any other big storm system, government officials have well-prepped for the event, some even accusing them of over-doing it. But, as Sandy increased in strength overnight, slightly before pounding the area, and as banks on both the East River and Hudson begin to overflow at 8 a.m. Monday morning, hours before the height of the storm is said to arrive, it seems that their predications, including a possible 11-foot storm surge, weren't just to scare the public. 

So, in a big shout out to all our friends and family in the path of Hurricane Sandy, stay safe and be smart. Here a few tips from a gal seasoned in hurricane preparedness:

Bunker down and avoid going outside. The gusts from Sandy may reach up to 80 mph can carry items that will seriously hurt you. With the entire area in disarray, emergency services will be slower to respond, if possible that they can get to you at all. Safety is your first concern.Stay inside. 

Tape your windows. With high wind speeds and debris, tapped windows will have a better chance of making it through the storm whole. Plus, cleaning tape off windows is relatively easy, so better safe than sorry. Grab scotch tape, or any tape your have, and make an X through your window and then square in the edges. This provides extra support against those high winds. 

When the brute of the storm hits, move to an area without windows if possible. 

Keep all electronics charged. If the electricity goes out, you will want to have contact with the outside world. Use electronics sparingly and only when necessary. It is a state of emergency after all. 

For all of you out there, however, who have already prepared for the worst of it, go ahead and spend a few hours browsing the site. Holiday season is getting close. You might as well get a head start.

See you guys on the back end of this! Until then, be yourself, be different, be prepared.

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