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Royal Holiday News:
A Baby Will Be

It's official, Kate Middleton is pregnant and Summer 2013 there will be royal baby

Shoptiques Royal Holiday News: A Baby Will Be

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Sound the hounds, the royal family is a hustle and a bustle this holiday season with merry news of a baby soon to be. 

It's like a Christmas carol that couldn't possibly have gone any more right. The kingdom was silent, the public was wary: could her womb suffice as the 9-month home of a potential prince or princess to-be? Finally the lies of the tabloids are silenced and her topless days are only beginning: Kate Middleton will indeed bear an heir. 

And while the world celebrates the joy that will soon be given to the empire on which the sun never used to set, let us remind you that the charmed and fanciful life of the royal family is nothing compared to the joyous life that you lead here with your friends and loved ones who treat you like the unrecognized, but just as important, VIP that you are. 

The British monarchy may be giving us all the gift of a royal child, and the holidays are all about giving back, but it's also about appreciating all the people who have helped you on your way, and recognizing that your life path is unique to you, and that for that, you are an amazing and strong individual. 

If you must, applaud Kate's fertility. Over here, we're too busy deciding which New Year's Eve dress will pull in that winning kiss or seal the big business deal. 

Here's to a wonderful 2013, and to looking back on every flower and tear drop on the path that we will always remember as 2012.

Be yourself. Be different. 

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