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How Kate Upton Will Save the Fashion World

Natural, healthy models are taking the place of too-thin girls, and the industry is better for it

Shoptiques How Kate Upton Will Save the Fashion World

Photo: Sports Illustrated

The modeling world has fallen under extreme scrutiny over the past few years with magazines receiving petitions to stop air-brushing and countries passing laws to ban models that are too thin

Of course, even the opposite side of the coin is having trouble too. In a Numero photoshoot last year, the photo edit team photoshopped Karlie Kloss' ribs out of the shot, offending both the photographer and Karlie Kloss. The magazine claimed that the model look too skinny in the photo to which Kloss and the photographer argued was her natural, beauty.

Of course, Numero wasn't completely out of line. When Vogue Italia published a similar photo it appeared on several pro-Anorexia sites and the magazine got some major backlash for pulsing it to begin with.

So what exactly is the solution to abiding by customer demand (and less photoshopped images) but also obtaining beautiful and healthy-looking shots? 

Two words: Kate Upton.

Finally, the stick thin models of the world are being put to the side as curvier, real women begin to take center stage. Just having appeared on her second Sports Illustrated cover and having even convinced notoriously skinny-loving Anna Wintour to feature her in a Vogue shoot, Kate Upton is the solution to all the body-shaming problems in the magazine and fashion industry.

Ok, maybe she isn't the answer to all of the problems but she is an answer anyway. Turns out that men's magazines have a recent habit of turning their cover girls into stars. And turns out that the stars real women like best are the ones that are much more like them. 

In today's world, the women with the most buying power are over 30 and at least a size 6. Advertising a teenage girl in size 0 jeans to her isn't enticing - and brands are beginning to catch on. 

Kate Upton may be the beginning to a whole new paradigm shift in the industry, one that both her and the consumers are more than ready to see.

"I don't really focus on other girls," Kate Upton told Fox."I think everyone has a different body type. .. I don’t go out and compete with other girls."

Be yourself. Be different.

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