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Kylie Minogue Celebrates 25 Years in Music & Fashion

Kylie Minogue's upcoming fashion look book channels two decades of haute fashion - and of course those gold hot pants!

Shoptiques Kylie Minogue Celebrates 25 Years in Music & Fashion

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Can you believe that Kylie Minogue has been in the music industry for more than 25 years? Yea, the girl who looks like her skin just stopped aging around 28 is actually 44 and started in the industry in 1979. 

And her career hasn't just been about music. She has made it a personal passion to include haute fashion in all that she does, usually much more fashion-forward than the highest of fashion at the time. 

Now, her fashion sense and dedication to being herself in all that she does is turning into a written work. That's right, Kylie Minogue is publishing a book featuring unseen photos of her in some of our most coveted looks, from the costumes to the couture and then those gold pants. 

In the book, she pays tribute to the biggest of the fashion houses, thanking them for the opportunity, but we say that you can get those looks and styles sans a big name. Heck, a vintage store will do you right by Kylie Minogue's closet! 

Nonetheless, the book will be available Nov. 19, just in time for you to find inspiration for your New Year's Eve bash outfit. 

Be yourself. Be different. 

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