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Lady Gaga Takes Pride
in New, Fuller Figure

Not one to stray from her slightly over-the-top antics and known for staying true to herself and her fans, Lady Gaga embraced ridicule over her weight and is flaunting her fuller figure in her signature style

Shoptiques Lady Gaga Takes Pride in New, Fuller Figure

In recent weeks, Lady Gaga has taken a lot of flak from the press for putting on a few pounds. In a radio interview back in September, Gaga admitted to dieting "because I gained, like, 25 pounds." Since then, the singer has changed her tune, embracing her new curves, and using negative media attention to spur her body acceptance campaign, "A Body Revolution 2013."

In today’s size obsessed society, it is one thing to say you are proud of a little extra padding, and quite another to show it. Since first coming out about her size back in September, Gaga has consistently lived up to her claim to not "feel bad, not even for a second," most notably by persisting in her outrageous style both on and off the stage.

From posting underwear photos online to strutting her stuff in a leather g-string on tour in Europe, and everything in between, Gaga has proudly displayed her new, fuller figure, and looked fabulous doing it. While moms may not want their daughters aspiring to Gaga’s risqué wardrobe, young girls could take a page from Gaga’s book when it comes to positive self-image and loving what you’ve got.

A curvy singer who is willing to stand-up and tell the press to back down? We can get behind that.

Be yourself. Be different. 

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