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Lauren Silberman is America's Bravest

She dreamed it, she followed it and in front of cameras and history books she didn't kick it - at least not very well. Turns out, that doesn't make her any less awesome.

Shoptiques Lauren Silberman Becomes America's Most Brave

Photo: Bostinno

You know what we love the most over here at Shoptiques? EQUALITY! 

No joke, we believe that every single person, regardless of their gender, race, religion, or any other factor aside from their moral character has the right to life, liberty and happiness. OK, even mean people have that right, too, which means even moral character shouldn't be stereotyped. And today, equality has taken a step forward as the first woman in history tries out for the NFL. 

An MIT graduate and avid video gamer, Lauren Silberman has made the history books as the first woman to compete for a spot in the NFL. And, while the story should be focused more on why it has taken so long for football to see a female player attempt to compete in the professional league, stories across the Internet are choosing instead to point out her failure. 

All right, let's get it out in the open. Lauren Silberman failed at making a field goal during her try-out. So what? A lot of people at that try-out didn't make the field goal. A lot more people at that try-out didn't make a team. That's not, nor is it ever, the point. 

You see, while as competitive children we may see the world through the lens of two types of people: winners and losers –– that's not how the world works. The truth is that each and everyone of us will be winners and losers at different points in our lives, while partaking in different activities and while, yes, following our dreams. But that is indeed the point –– our steadfast ability and desire to follow those dreams, to take those leaps and to dare to do the impossible, the undone, the unbeen, that makes our lives worth living and our dreams worth chasing.

So what Lauren Silberman failed? You know who is also failing? Journalists everywhere, both men and women, who see it fit to publish an article on her attempt with the headline, "Female Kicker Tryout Last All of 2 Kicks" or "She was Terrible." Shame on you for not seeing the real piece of news in the story. Shame on you for not digging deeper and asking the real questions, the concerning questions, the ones that would answer my, "How is this 2013 and we're still seeing 'First Woman in History to…' headlines," question.

Props to Lauren Silberman for following her dream, and for being strong enough to allow the media to watch her possibly fail at achieving it. It isn't only a strong woman, nay, it is a strong person that would agree to that. 

As always, be yourself, be different.  

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