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Look of the Day:
Graphic Sweater

Cook up some fun and give your wardrobe and your attitude a final-weeks-of-winter SMACK

Shoptiques Look of the Day: Graphic Sweater

Let's be honest: it's a Tuesday that feels like a Monday, whether or not you had yesterday off. All the fun festivities of February have passed and the warmer weather of March is still a few weeks away. Here we all are, biding our time and twirling our fingers through the long work week until something fabulous occurs. 

Yet, I don't know about you, but I'm not the patient type. Sitting and waiting around for a coversation starter isn't my cup of tea - and it shouldn't be yours either. Want more fun in the final weeks of February? Then cook up some yourself! Not sure where to begin? Well, then give yourself and everyone you run across a good, albeit fashionable, SMACK with this graphic sweater. Then, get out there and make the most of it the breathe in your lungs and the beat of your heart.

It's your life. Live it!


Pop Art Sweater, Number A

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