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Look of the Day: Winter Warmth

Keep warm in the winter weather without forgoing your less bulky pieces.

Shoptiques Look of the Day: Winter Warmth

Winter weather is finally starting to set upon us, but that's no reason to forgo your cuter, lighter pieces for bulky outerwear, leggings and high socks. Instead, ape our look of the day and grab yourself a colorblocked pencil skirt that hugs your hips (keeping chilly breezes out) and shows off your curves. Pair it with a long sleeve top that covers your entire chest area. It may seem conservative, but cold winds entering at the neckline can do more flu damage than not washing your hands (but do that too!). 

To off-set the conservative look that is keeping you warm and healthy, add a statement collar necklace that will tie the look together. Don't forget tights and leather booties to keep your feet warm and dry.

As always, be yourself, be different.

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