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Music that Styles:
Thrift Shop

Someone finally makes music that recognizes thrift shopping is cool. They subsequently make millions.

Shoptiques Music that Styles: Thrift Shop


Finally, someone has made millions off of embracing the fun and fashionable finds that thrift shops can offer. No, really - this has been a long time coming. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis' hit single "Thrift Shop" has college students gyrating in dance clubs, young adults laughing on SNL, and parents actually allowing their middle school kids to listen to a new, popular hip-hop song without worrying about the subliminal messaging - the clean version only of course!

Fashion placements in popular songs, especially of the hip-hop variety, are extremely common. In fact, when YSL changed their name to Saint-Laurent, dropping the Yves, multiple news networks wrote about the 40+ rap songs whose references to YSL will no longer make much sense. Of course, Saint-Laurent isn't the only brand with which this music genre is obsessed. Prada, Lanvin, Chanel, Alexander Wang, Balmain and Givenchy also top the list of the most mentioned fashion brands in hip-hop, making rappers' wardrobes nearly identical in brand-names as the most fashionable gals in the business including Anna Wintour and Carine Roitfeld. 

And sure, with fame comes fortune and with fortune comes far-fetched fashion, but hip-hop often situates itself as the genre of the people, and most people simply can't now nor ever will be able to afford haute couture. Which is why "Thrift Shop" is so absolutely fabulous, and has multiple generations of music lovers bopping their heads along. Promoting saving money and digging for fashionable finds that showcase your personality, Mackelemore and Ryan Lewis might simply be mocking the hip-hop culture's high-fashion obsession, but they have struck a chord with the everyday listener. 

Truth is, style is not found at Chanel or Saint-Laurent, but is instead revealed in how you pair, layer and wear with confidence. Whether you buy a new wardrobe with $20 at a thrift store or save up your $20s each week to splurge on that Marchesa piece you can't take your eye off of, remember to always be yourself, buy what you love and wear it without hesitation. And if you ever get sidetracked, hit play on "Thirft Shop." You won't regret it.

Be yourself. Be different.

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