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Meet the Team:
Introducing Chelsea

Get to know the girls who are bringing the best boutiques across the country and around the world to your fingertips

Shoptiques Meet the Team: Introducing Chelsea

Here at Shoptiques, we are working hard every day to make sure that the best, most unique clothing from boutiques both in your backyard and across the globe are easily accessible—no matter where your GPS says you are. To do that, we spend long, often champagne-filled, hours producing photo shoots with models we adore, creating content showcasing items and trends we're coveting, and making sure that the experience is as ideal and easy as possible for the customers we love. 

For such dedicated followers and fans, the women who have supported Shoptiques from the very beginning (that's all of you), we think it's best that you know who we are so that when you call, order or comment, you know exactly who you are working with.

To begin, we are a group of 10 sitting in Soho offices, down the street from a Chipotle and with a distant view of New Jersey. Our Ikea tables that serve as desks hold our Mac laptops, Quaker Oatmeal Chewys, and the dresses we plan on giving away every Friday (no joke!).

At the core, we are exactly like you, women on a mission to help other women feel confident and beautiful as they strive after their goals, whether that goal is to be the world's best mom or the next Apple CEO—or both. We believe you deserve to have it all!


Meet Chelsea!

What do you do at Shoptiques?

You kind of do everything at a start-up! Having been here since the beginning, I've answered customer inquiries, scouted models, packaged orders, on-boarded fabulous boutiques, recruited fabulous co-workers and worked on fun marketing partnerships! In summary, I am the Director of Operations.

Where are you from?

Born in Asia and moved to the US when I was 6-years-old and have been a proud New Yorker since.

How did you end up in New York?

The question should really be about how I keep finding myself back in New York! After my first gig as an investment banker, I moved to Boston for another finance job and to learn a bit more about life outside of the big apple. After finally admitting to myself that finance was NOT the way to go and also finding the love of my life (HEY MIKE!), I just couldn't stand being apart from my true home any longer…not to mention connecting with Olga and getting the company off the ground!

What's your favorite thing about New York?

You never feel lonely. No matter what hour or what day it is, you can spend 24 hours walking the streets by yourself and not feel awkward. Plus, you will always discover something new - it's never a dull moment!

Why Shoptiques?

You know, I still sometimes chuckle remembering the day I called up Olga and joined her on this expedition. At that time, I was going back and forth every day about the transition I was about to make into the start-up world. Perhaps the first real risk I've ever taken in my life! The Why Shoptiques response in my mind is simple: On the surface, the company disrupts the marketplace, sets trends and is revolutionizing the way women can now shop! Through my eyes, the company is changing people and changing lives. I am the perfect example.


What are your favorite boutiques?

This is a really tough question, especially for me because I on-board and have relationships with all of our fabulous boutique partners! But I think the beauty of what we offer is that you can now expand your shopping palette and always be on the lookout for new, innovative and stylish boutiques that we curate!

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