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Meet the Team: Introducing Olga

Get to know the girls who are bringing the best boutiques across the country and around the world to your fingertips

Shoptiques Meet the Team: Introducing Olga

Photo: Olga Vidisheva

Here at Shoptiques, we are working hard every day to make sure that the best, most unique clothing from boutiques both in your backyard and across the globe are easily accessible—no matter where your GPS says you are. To do that, we spend long, often champagne-filled, hours producing photo shoots with models we adore, creating content showcasing items and trends we're coveting, and making sure that the experience is as ideal and easy as possible for the customers we love. 

For such dedicated followers and fans, the women who have supported Shoptiques from the very beginning (that's all of you), we think it's best that you know who we are so that when you call, order or comment, you know exactly who you are working with.

To begin, we are a group of 10 sitting in Soho offices, down the street from a Chipotle and with a distant view of New Jersey. Our Ikea tables that serve as desks hold our Mac laptops, Quaker Oatmeal Chewys, and the dresses we plan on giving away every Friday (no joke!).

At the core, we are exactly like you, women on a mission to help other women feel confident and beautiful as they strive after their goals, whether that goal is to be the world's best mom or the next Apple CEO—or both. We believe you deserve to have it all!


What do you do at Shoptiques?

Everything :) from traveling and discovering the best stores to hiring the new members of our team awesome to setting up strategy for our business! 

Where are you from?

Kyrgyzstan… to be exact USSR. Funny, the country I was born in no longer exists. I call America home though!

How did you end up in New York?

After graduating from Wellesley College, I went to work for Goldman Sachs in New York! I feel like I was meant to get to New York — me and the city are two of one! 

What's your favorite thing about New York?

The energy. This city never slips and neither do I! You can get out of the office at 2 in the morning, and still feel like it is the middle of the afternoon — lots of people outside, you can get food and meet-up with friends. 

Why Shoptiques?

Because it couldn't be anything else! I just couldn't imagine my life without starting this company. Shoptiques is the answer to my personal needs of love for travel, discovery and exploration. I love boutique shopping and I want it online! 

What are your favorite boutiques?

You can't ask me that! It is like a kid in a candy shop — I want them all!

What does be yourself, be different mean to you?

I absolutely LOVED attending Wellesley College. You can see so many influences of the school on my business. Wellesley's motto was always, "Women who will make a difference in the world." For me, that meant make a difference in whatever you are doing and whatever you love: whether you are the best mom, the best cook, the best founder, the best YOU! The most important is to find yourself and be true to who you are! Our imperfections makes us US, and being different is beautiful!

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Be yourself. Be different :) Accepting who you are will make you happy, sure of yourself, content, successful and will allow you to grow and become even better version of yourself! 

How are your role models and why? 

I am incredibly lucky to have strong women in my life as role models. The most important is my grandma. She is the strongest person I know. As an example, she moved to America at the age of 70, and is now learning English with twice-a-week tutor lessons. She studies hard and is now able to communicate with others just couple of years later.She is my best friend and inspiration that anything is possible in the world! My mom and sister are also two of my strongest role models! My sister is pre-med and she is so passionate about it,that it is contagious. My mom is classical pianist and she stayed true to who she is over the years and loves so much what she creates! Pauline Brown is an inspiration, friend and mentor that I truly look up to for guidance and advice. I feel incredibly grateful to have amazing support system and friends!

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