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Michelle Obama's Affordable Personal Style

It's Inauguration Day, and Michelle Obama isn't letting the media attention force her to wear big, often unaffordable for most Americans, brands. To that, we say Kudos!

Shoptiques Michelle Obama's Affordable Style

Photo: J'adore Fashion

There's something insanely comforting about a First lady who wears clothes I myself might buy and wear. In fact, Michelle Obama's wardrobe is the most affordable of any First Ladies', ever, which means, to me at least, that Mrs. Obama keeps her finger on the pulse of the nation, and represents whole-heartedly the middle class American woman. 

Her inaugural dress has yet to be presented, and many are hoping that after last year's, she will wear something more conservative, as the previous First Ladies have done. And while following the crowd and continuing a tradition of conservatism in fashion is cool and all, you have to respect a woman who keeps true to her personal style even in the face of massive media condemnation. 

Nonetheless, Michelle's arrival look, in a Thom Browne coat and J.Crew heels, speaks volumes to the modern American woman, especially one who lives on a moderate budget.

As always, be yourself, be different. And, Happy MLK Day!

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