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Miss Universe Winner to Shed Light to Tragedy

The Miss Universe title is back on American soil, and the winner seems to have true American heart to boot.

Shoptiques Miss Universe Winner to Shed Light to Tragedy

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It's official, the Miss Universe title has come back to The States after more than a decade of international winners. Donald Trump stood nodding next to Boston University sophomore Olivia Culpo in an after-interview with NBC in which she announced that she hoped her win would lift the nation's spirits after an extremely tragic week.

The 20-year old offered advice to hold your loved ones near and never take a single day for granted, words that come from the heart of a woman who only a year ago began competing in pageants. 

In a $20 rented gown, Culpo began working out, dieting and studying current events on flash cards to prepare for competing for the Miss USA crown after winning the Miss Rhode Island title. 

While not much focused attention is often given to beauty pageants, unless there is an absurd slip of the tongue as we witnessed a few years ago when a video of the South Carolina contestant for Miss Teen USA went viral, Culpo took her win to heart and head, making sure that the first point of contact she had with the media turned the focus back on America's inefficiencies and the tragedies that can therefore occur. 

Unlike with winners of the past, Donald Trump stood closely by, approving Culpo's response to her final question, "Have you ever done anything you regret?" 

Short of ever appearing in nude photos (that we know of), Culpo seems to be a stand up gal with true American heart and soul. 

As we continue looking back on the tragic events of the past week, join us in taking a minute of silence tomorrow morning at 9:30 AM. Our site will go black, as so many others on the Internet, and we will remember the sinless souls that we lost and offer our condolences to the grieving families.

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