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The Obama Women: Leading by Example

When it comes to grace and style, the Obama women know how to inspire women to be true to themselves, and through affordable and relatable means

Shoptiques The Obama Women: Leading by Example

When it comes to the Obama women, there is very rarely something that they can do wrong. 

After all, Mrs. Obama spends less on her wardrobe than any other First Lady in recent history and fights eating disorders of all kinds. When you consider the statistics on eating disorders in the U.S., like 60 percent of teenage American girls believe they are overweight, yet only 15 percent of them actually are, or that 12.5 million children between 2 and 19 in the U.S. are obese, you realize that she's fighting an uphill, albeit honorable, battle. 

And the girls? Well, for growing up under the scrutiny of the presidency, they are amazingly jolly and seem to be, dare I say, normal young women. Plus, Malia's coat is from Anthroplogie (totally sold out now, sorry!). Maybe not the cheapest place to shop, but definitely not the out-of-price-range fashion house that has so typically graced White House approved events.

In fact, all three of these ladies are inspiration for U.S. women, especially those who are on a mission to stay true to themselves no matter the circumstances. Even with the President in their midst, these women step out in fashion that they choose for themselves, in colors they love, and with smiles on their faces. 

Things in the White House can get stressful (or so I've heard…), but these women use their First Family status as a way in which to inspire others to be bold, be unique and stay true to yourself. For that, we say kudos Obama ladies. Each of you are the modern day Jackie Kennedy, but in a "Hey, i could achieve that!" type of way. 

We're happy to have you on our radars for the next four years, and forever after in history books, tabloids and, of course, our hearts. 

Be yourself. Be different. 

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