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Standing Up for the First Lady's Fashion

In recent months, Michelle Obama has been the target for mass amounts of clothing critique and acclaimed fashion critic Robin Givhan says it's time to lay off!

Shoptiques Standing Up for the First Lady's Fashion

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The acclaimed Robin Givhan who has and continues to report repeatedly on Mrs. Obama's fashion choices, and write books on it as well, has officially thrown in the towel, claiming that all the critique surrounding the First Lady's attire is getting rather tired. While her obviously meticulously chosen outfits from minority designers like Jason Wu and Tracy Reese could spur debate about how her look could sway the fashion industry's overall income (and who gets the biggest share of it), Givhan argues that "somewhere along the way, the attention lavished on the first lady's wardrobe became indiscriminate."

In her article for The Daily Beast, she writes, "Rather than debating whether a garment was appropriate for an occasion—a legitimate conversation, considering her position—or the possible effect it could have on the economics of the fashion industry, the conversation turned flaccid and banal.

It took on a Hollywood tone. People wanted to know what she was wearing, not because it signified anything, but simply because it was on her back. What did she wear to the last White House Correspondents Dinner, to the Congressional Black Caucus Gala, to the most recent campaign event in Virginia? To the debates? There was an avalanche of obsessing, admiring, and gushing. Every garment is not symbolic. Every dress is not fraught with meaning. But the conversation yammered on even though there was nothing of substance to say. At first it was fun. Then it became a habit. Now, it's just a bore."

Certainly on Election Day the First Lady's attire will be scrutinized to all extents, and according to Givhan, it will be an important critique for the country and for the fashion industry. But, to all of those reporting her every move from the supermarket to the family outing, lay off. Michelle has more important things to do. 

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