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Editor's Letter: Our New Years Resolution to YOU

It's a new year and a new Edit, with a new mission and new determination to bring you the content you didn't even know you wanted, but that you'll reread now, tomorrow and to your grandkids

Shoptiques Editor's Letter: Our New Year Resolution to YOU

It's a new year and like many of you, we're taking on a big resolution in 2013. No, we aren't going to start eating better (food is one of life's many luxuries!) or working out more often (though, we probably should). Instead, we are making a promise to you.

Sure, you've heard many a company say this time and time again, and every single one of them claim to truly mean it. So, how are we different? Well, for starters, we aren't just saying it; we are going to prove it - starting today, January 1.

As the editorial arm to an e-commerce site, The Edit sits at an interesting cross road between curating all the items on our site, helping you to decide what you ultimately want to buy, and providing content that entertains and, in 2013, that inspires.

Shoptiques was founded on the fundamental belief that every woman is different and that her true beauty lies in those differences. No woman wants to walk into a party wearing the same outfit as someone else - and boutiques allow us to give you the clothing options that will make sure that never happens. Plus, you'll get a unique story out of each item as well. There aren't many sites on the World Wide Web, believe it or not, that will let you shop from small boutiques in Paris, New York City or LA and get to know the actual boutique owners that run them.

Of course, Shoptiques isn't only about helping you to find the most unique items from the best boutiques in the world. Instead, we also want to be your go-to place for inspiring stories about women who are staying true to themselves and kicking ass (literally) at taking on the world. We want to make sure that every strong, spirited woman out there gets her day in the limelight - and can help all of us to learn a thing or two along the way.

Fashion is merely a part of our lives as women. It is truly our knack for communication and building community that make us what some may say (myself included) the greater sex. So, to build upon what comes naturally to us and to help each and every one of us achieve the dreams that get us out of bed in the morning, The Edit is bringing you content that inspires, empowers and celebrates every aspect of this female life - and we promise not to skip over the most difficult parts, either.

We are going to talk about relationships, success, family and trying to figure out how to truly have it all because we don't believe that you can't. We are dedicated to finding the women in this world who have figured it out - and asking them if they truly have. We want to know how they got where they are, if they have everything under control, what they would have done differently, who helped them on the way, and what advice they have for all of us who look up to them.

We won't be talking to the Selena Gomez of the world, though she and others like her are truly great. No, we're going to talk to the Pauline Browns and the Janelle Monaes of the world. The women who have created something out of nothing, and who remember what it was like to be embarking on those dreams - and who can help us every step of the way in achieving our own.

Here, we believe that nice matters, but that sometimes to achieve greatness, so does trusting your gut and running with it.

Here, we are dedicated to the meaningful life: having real conversations, supporting people’s passions, connecting with friends and family, and staying true to YOU.

This is our 2013 promise to you. And all we ask in return is that you take what we are giving and make the best of it. Whether we are encouraging you to stop making apologies, or introducing you to real women who have achieved success professionally and personally, we're asking the tough questions and finding the tough women who are smart enough to answer them with truth, passion and encouragement.

Happy 2013, ladies. From The Edit editor to you, in the words of David Bowie, "We don't know where we are going from here, but it won't be boring."

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