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What is Polyester?

What is polyester? Can you trust it? And does it feel and/or look much different than cotton?

Shoptiques What is polyester?
You are on the hunt for a super soft and comfortable t-shirt that is perfect for lounging around in, but can also be worn for a night out on the town.  When the search begins, the first fabric that goes through most people’s minds, or at least mine, is cotton.  In fact, cotton is such a widely agreed upon favorite and perennial classic that there’s even a Yankee Candle scent named after it.  So, there you are, you finally stumble upon the perfect t-shirt, with cotton dreams filling your head, and you see it’s made with polyester.  So, what is polyester? Can you trust it? And does it feel and/or look much different from cotton? 
These questions are all too common for shoppers everywhere.  And in your journey to find answers and clarity to these mysteries, entries describing polyester as “fibers formed from a chemical reaction between an acid and alcohol” don’t really help us understand what polyester is actually like as a consumer.
Polyester is essentially a durable and strong fabric that consists of manmade fibers.  Although most people think of cotton when searching for comfortable additions to their wardrobe, polyester has many advantages that cotton doesn’t.  First of all, polyester dries quickly since it isn’t absorbent like cotton.  It is also significantly less prone to wrinkling, so if you’re anything like me and occasionally (ok... often) leave your clothes on the ground, you won’t need to get the iron ready.  Shrinking and fading is also never an issue with polyester clothing, which gives us yet another reason to love this wonderful fabric. 
Even though cotton is more breathable and is biodegradable, polyester is definitely a nice fabric to wear and invest in.  And if you are torn between these two fabrics, you can look for clothing that is a poly-cotton blend to get the best of both worlds!  So moral of the story is, don’t shy away from buying that adorable dress or perfectly edgy yet chic top just because it’s made of polyester.

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