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Houston: what to see, where to eat and where to shop

In honor of the upcoming Super Bowl, we're taking it back to H-town and exploring all that city has to offer.

Shoptiques HOUSTON: what to see, where to eat and where to shop


Houston is more than just ranches and BBQ - it’s actually city full of history and influence. Here are three activities you can do that will give you a glimpse of this great city’s past, present, and future.



Did you know Houston has the highest concentration of theatrical performance after Broadway in NYC? Do yourself a favor and catch a quick show before you go.



You could head to the museums, but where’s the fun in that? Instead, head down to The Heights, Montrose or East Downtown and take in the vibrant murals that mask the walls of these neighborhood’s streets.



Fun Fact: The first word Neil Armstrong said on the moon was actually “Houston”, which makes sense as this city is home to some of the biggest and most important NASA teams. More specifically, sign up for the Level 9 Tour, an intimate tour of the ISS Mission Control Center, simulation labs and some off-limit areas during general tours. Who knows, you might just meet an astronaut.



From drive-ins to tacos, indulge your taste buds in all of Houston's flavors. When it comes to eating great food, there are three dishes that you cannot leave Houston without trying: tacos, elotes and of course, BBQ.



From the red curry coconut quest to the tater top with the egg on top, Velvet Tacos caters to all. (Plus, they have vegetarian options!)



Skip the restaurant and opt for a street vendor instead - elotes, or the best way to serve corn, is one of the things you absolutely need to eat, or you can’t truly be considered a Houstonian. Our favorite is served at Joe’s Roasted Corn straight out the smoker, smothered in the regulars: mayo, butter, cream and fresh lime accompanied by a plethora of sauces. 



When it comes to BBQ, you must be sure that wherever you’re eating is well versed in both the meat selection and cooking processes. B&B Butcher & Restaurant is our go-to when in Houston - from their in-house butcher shop to their smoky cigar bar, they’re sure to provide some of the best BBQ Houston has to offer.



Because not all of us have best friends living in Houston, here is a list of cool curated shops you find off the beaten track.

Muse Boutique - Shopping at Muse is like visiting your best friend's oversized closet where you can pick and choose your own personal look.

Gallery 3 - Located in the historic Winter Street Studios in Houston, Texas, is Gallery 3 - a vibrant art studio where locals buy unique paintings, photographs, sculptures, pottery, and jewelry. 

Heiress Boutique is inspired by sexy, strong, sophisticated cosmopolitan women. A local spot for emerging fashion. Their assortment includes an accessory collection, fun tops and pants, sexy cocktail dresses and great coats.

Shoe Bar - This boutique is a new way to celebrate with your girls - whether it's a Bachelorette Party, Birthday Celebration, Girls Night In or a Bridal Shower, this traveling truck offers the best way to spend time (and shop!) with your best friends.

RainTree Boutique is the go-to place for women who love fashion! Trying to pull off the model-off-duty look? These guys got you covered.

Lerant is an upscale tabletop, crystal and gift boutique full of hidden treasures such as jewelry, candles, frames and much more. Plan ahead, you may not want to leave this treasure trove. 


Wherever you end up, enjoy this beautiful city, there is no shortage of activities to experience. and most importantly!

So...who are you rooting for?

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