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Why I Won't Be Buying Prabal Gurung at Target, or Ever

Being yourself means not copying the latest It girl's outfit, so dress uniquely you and inspire fashion trends rather than replicating them.

Shoptiques Why I'm Not Buying Prabal Gurung on Target, Or Ever

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In honor of Prabal Gurung releasing a collection for Target, I am reminded how flabbergasted I always am when people clamor to own clothes already seen on this year's It girl. I don't know about you, but when I see a celebrity wearing a piece of clothing that heretofore I would have loved to own, I generally run in the opposite direction of buying it. There is just something so yesterday about clothing on A-listers, and subsequently on fashion websites that claim to bring you notable news.

I'm over the who wore it best posts and no I don't want to win a replica of Kate Middleton's Prabal Gurung dress. Unfortunately, it seems that everyone else is still quite fascinated. Fashion elite websites, magazines, bloggers and everyone else in the haute fashion game jump at the opportunity to see a celebrity wearing designer duds for which us normal folk would have to cut an arm off.

In reality, once those pieces are worn by a celebrity, there is no longer anything creative or stylish about them. Sure, the clothes might be fashionable, but fashion is fleeting. Style is what shows off your personality, and it is what the most memorable of the fashion icons had boat loads of, including Coco Chanel, Jacqueline Kennedy, and even the Man Repeller.

Style is figuring out how to put your spin on a piece of clothing in a way that no one else would have ever thought of doing - and in a way that no one else but you could pull off. Style dictates fashion for decades, fashion only influences style for a season. Buying clothing because so-and-so It girl wore it when she shook so-and-so's hand isn't style, and even if it were, it would be that girl's style, not your own.

So, as I step off my soap box and decidedly avoid the Target website until the Gurung items are no longer at the forefront, I'll be packing up my metallic sweater, hole-ridden jeans, suede pumps and antiquated jewelry and starting the next season's big fashion trend right here on Broadway. See, the runways get their inspiration from real people on the street who put their creativity into showcasing their personality through their style - fashion merely being a medium.

Want to own the dress the next A-lister is wearing to the next big event? Then inspire it now, instead of replicating it later.

Be yourself. Be different. 

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