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Style Insider:
Timeless Look

A Boston fashionista by nature, Gogui utilizes the fashion blogosphere to share her love for shopping and style

Shoptiques Style Insider: Timeless Look

How do you describe your style?

I try to appear as most unplanned and effortless as possible, but in reality there is a purpose for everything I decided to where that day or that moment. People describe my style as edgy with a pinch of chic. I wouldn't really consider myself as having a specific style. I wear what I like, and always have a statement piece that no one else will be wearing.

What is the most exciting moment you've had as a blogger?

I really don't get tired of blogging, and I have never had a very exciting moment as a blogger, I just get incredibly happy when I see the number of followers in all my portals increasing daily. 

What do you love most about boutique shopping?

Is this a rhetorical question, if it's not I'll take it as one. 

What are your three most prized possessions?

My Cartier love bracelet given to me by my grandmother, my Mothers bag and shoe collection and all my accessories 

What inspired you to create your blog? What do you love most about blogging?  

I really don't know what my first impulse was in creating a blog.I think it was just to build my voice and as a way of being out there. I started with Bostonista and from that I transitioned to what is now Timeless Look

What I most like about blogging, is interacting with fellow bloggers and being one of the first people to actually know whats up and coming for the next seasons and what to buy next. 

What are your favorite boutiques in your Boston?

I'm currently living in boston, so my favorite stores include: LF, Rag & Bone, Zara, H&M (for basics and cool accessories), Saks Fifth Avenue, Barneys

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