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Damsel in Dior

A native Texan, Jacey turned her passionate side project into a full blown blog, and surpassed even her own expectations

Shoptiques Style Insider: Damsel in Dior

Meet Jacey

How do you describe your style?

I'm kind of a girly tomboy. I love playing dress up and getting all glammed up, but at the end of the day I'm still a farmer's daughter who likes to cuss and drink Miller Light. 


What is the most exciting moment you've had as a blogger?

I have been blogging full time for exactly one year and set a personal goal for my blog to surpass a certain number of hits in one day. A few weeks ago my stats exceeded my expectations and it felt really great!


What do you love most about boutique shopping?

In a word: variety! I love having numerous brands to pick from and there's always something for every personality type. 


What are your three most prized possessions?

An opal necklace my late grandmother gave me for my 18th birthday. My "Grant" box that's filled with memento's from my husband and I's courtship until now. A vintage suitcase my mother gave me when I left for college that contains every journal I've ever kept in my life. 


What inspired you to create your blog? What do you love most about blogging?

I was inspired to create my blog from my peers at E! several years ago, but more recently inspired to turn it into a full time business thanks to my readers. Hearing such positive feedback and knowing that I couldn't wait to wake up everyday and blog was reason enough for me to turn it into a full time gig. I love waking up to an incredibly rewarding creative outlet each and every day and what I love most about Damsel in Dior is that it's something that I can pour my heart and soul in to. Everything that I put into my blog is a reflection of me, my taste, my likes, my life and my loves. It also combines all of my favorite hobbies: photography, graphics, playing dress up and writing. 


What are your favorite boutiques in your current city?

I'm obsessed with A.sweeT. She combines candy AND shopping - what more would a girl want? I also love Ten Over Six, Satine, Kelly Wearstler, Undrest, American Rag Cie and Curve. 


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