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Shoptiques Boutique Chic
Fashion Show

Join us for a front-row seat to our Boutique Chic Fashion Show that took place on July 26, 2012 at our Soho HQ. We took attendees on a city-by-city tour of the top boutiques across the country.



Jennifer Heal: We’re here at the Shoptiques Fashion Show, and this is actually the Shoptiques headquarters, which they transformed into this amazing fashion show event. I am here with Sam, the editor in chief of Fashionindie. What did you think of the show?

Sam: I thought it was great. I think it’s such an interesting concept to be able to find really unique pieces. I actually loved the maxi dresses. I think they were a lot of really cute long, interestingly cut maxis.

Allison Marotti & Paige Hogan: It was definitely very wearable pieces. I mean, usually you see you see fashion show and it is very crazy, but this is something that I would actually buy.

Cameron Russell – Ford Model: I feel like when I do runway shows, I always tell my friends it was a great dress, and something they can never buy. This is something that you can buy and it’s really beautiful. So that’s great.


Jennifer Heal: What does “Be Yourself? Be Different” mean to you?

Lauren Pagliaro – fashion stylist: I always believe in being yourself. For me that means just being confident inside so it exudes everything on the outside, and I really think that Shoptiques does a really great job about that. They’re really all about women, and being free and just expressing yourself as yourself.


Hi, my name is Lauren, and I'm a fashion stylist, and I love Shoptiques.

Hi, My name is Kristen of KristenGlam, and I love Shoptiques.

Hi, I’m Sam from, and I love Shoptiques.

Hi, I’m Cameron Russell, and I love Shoptiques.

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