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Shoptiques Product: Peru: The Cookbook
Peru: The Cookbook
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The definitive cookbook on Peruvian cuisine by the country’s most famous and popular chef, Gastón Acurio features 500 traditional home cooking recipes from the country’s most acclaimed and popular chef. Acurio guides cooks through the full range of Peru’s vibrant cuisine from popular classics like quinoa and ceviche, and lomo saltado to lesser known dishes like amaranth and aji amarillo. For the first time, audiences will be able to bring the flavors of one of the world’s most popular culinary destinations into their own kitchen.

    Shoptiques Product: Forest Feast Cookbook Shoptiques Product: Forest Feast Cookbook
    Forest Feast Cookbook
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    Vibrant photographs, complemented by Erin’s own fanciful watercolor illustrations and hand lettering, showcase the rustic simplicity of the dishes. Part cookbook, part art book, The Forest Feast will be as comfortable in the kitchen as on the coffee table. 

    Measures: 8.1" W x 11.1" H x 1" D

      Shoptiques Product: My Family Cookbook Shoptiques Product: My Family Cookbook
      My Family Cookbook
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      Archive generations of kitchen secrets and keep your favorite recipes in the family. Create your own recipe book. Write down the required ingredients and method, personalize with photos and share your secret recipes with the rest of the family. Includes template pages with space for over 80 recipes, an introduction with useful cooking guides, tips, conversion tables and more.

        Shoptiques Product: Kitchen Memories Cookbook Shoptiques Product: Kitchen Memories Cookbook
        Kitchen Memories Cookbook
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        Spend quality family time together in the kitchen. More than just a good cookbook, the Kitchen Memories Cookbook is filled with easy to make recipes, memory games, and activities for kids.